It’s finally here!

The trusted eZsign electronic signature solution is now integrated into your PRIMMO software.

Obtaining signatures has never been easier!

Here’s how it works:

This integration is available now. Contact us today to learn more. We will be happy to answer any of your questions, discuss pricing or start your activation process now.

Start the new year right by streamlining your work!

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Trusted Quebec company

We’ve been Quebec's most trusted e-signature app since 2013.

In just one click!

Sign documents from computers, tablets, and even phones.

A better experience

Offer your clients a fast and easy way to sign documents anywhere anytime.


In order to take advantage of this feature, you will need to have the update that will be available in January 2022.

  1. You must first sign a sales agreement with eZsign. You will be billed directly by eZsign for using the electronic signature service. See the form lower on this page to contact eZsign now.
  2. Once your company account is activated in eZsign, an API key (a “token”) will be provided to you and you will need to enter it in PRIMMO.
  3. You will then be ready to use eZsign in PRIMMO.

According to the “tribunal administratif du logement”, for a lease of 12 months or more, the tenant must give his notice between 3 and 6 months before the end of the lease. Therefore, for leases ending June 30th, notice must be given between January 1st and March 31st. You could therefore send the renewals in January 2023.
We strongly recommend that you contact us quickly, using the form lower on this page, to complete your account set up if you wish to send your renewals in January 2023.

Yes, if you are already an eZsign customer, please contact us so that we can update your account and ensure you have the correct version of eZsign for the PRIMMO integration.


To take advantage of the Primmo + eZsign integration you will need an eZsign Enterprise account.

Your eZsign Enterprise account includes:

  • 10 eZsign user accounts
  • 100 monthly documents via the PRIMMO integration
  • Enterprise accounts have a minimum monthly billing of $206
  • When you send more than 100 documents per month via the PRIMMO integration, the additional documents will be billed according to the chart below.

Cost of excess documents for the month (depending on the number of users)

No. of documents sent/month

No. of documents included

Monthly Price

Price per additional document sent

Pricing example #1

85 sent documents per month

Monthly fixed price of $206.00

Since your package includes 100 documents, there are no additional fees.

Calculation of monthly fees

Fixed cost = $206.00 (includes 100 documents)


Pricing example #2

350 sent documents per month

Monthly fixed price of $206.00

Since your package includes 100 documents, you will need to pay for 250 additional documents.
At 250 documents, you are in the range of 101-250 documents sent per month.
The monthly $180.00 cost includes 100 documents sent and the additional documents are billed at $1.72 per document.

Calculation of monthly fees

Fixed cost = $206.00 (includes 100 documents)
Additional 250 documents sent: $180.00 + 150 documents (250-100) @ $ 1.72 each = $438.00

TOTAL  MONTHLY = $644.00

Interested? Let's connect to discuss your PRIMMO x eZsign integration.

(Already an eZsign customer? Please still submit the form to discuss your PRIMMO x eZsign integration.)