E-signature Pricing Explained: How to choose the right plan

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If you’ve shopped around or are renewing your e-signature contract, you may realize that depending on the price model offered by the provider, your cost could add up.

For example:

  • Do they charge you per signature, document or per envelope? 
  • Is the cost per envelope higher at renewal than the “special” year one discount they gave you?
  • What was the cost to you if you sent more documents than expected? 
  • Or do they offer unlimited signatures and documents?

Either way, choosing the right e-signature solution provider for your business requires careful consideration of several factors, including cost, security, authentication and legality.  Understanding how a provider structures their pricing is crucial. Many e-signature providers follow a pay-per-use pricing model, which can lead to unexpected costs and limitations that hinder your workflows and processes long term.

This article will focus on answering questions around e-signature costs and pricing. 

Keep in mind that you can obtain a flexible price plan for your business without compromising on security and legality. Look for e-signature solutions that offer a combination of fair pricing, top-tier security, and robust legality for businesses of all sizes. Like eZsign’s top tier Level 4 Assurance signature solution that offers pay per user plans that scale with your business, no surprises. 

Avoid unexpected costs and limitations 

Understanding the Risks of Fixed Pricing

One of the drawbacks of investing in a solution that offers a fixed number of signatures or documents is the potential for exceeding that limit. This can result in unexpected invoices or higher costs at the time of renewal, which not only causes frustration but also disrupts established workflows and processes. To mitigate these risks, eZsign prioritizes transparency and flexibility in our pricing plans for our customers. Our unlimited documents and signing sessions or “envelopes” mean that you won’t be surprised by unexpected costs, and our per-user pricing model allows you to customize your plan based on your company’s needs. No limits, no surprises. 

How eZsign’s pay-per-user model offers a customizable solution

The Advantages of eZsign’s Pricing Approach 

There are two ways e-signatures are priced in the market. 

  1. Pay-per-use : Under this model, you pay for each document, signing session or envelope. However, accurately predicting your signing needs for an entire year can be challenging, potentially resulting in unnecessary expenses or overages. Think about it like a cell phone price plan that comes with hidden costs…would you accept a plan today that limits you to a set number of calling minutes per month versus unlimited calling? Sounds restrictive. 
  2. Pay-per-user : With this model, you pay based on the number of users that are on your team who need to send documents for signing. The key advantage of this model is to ensure the plan offers unlimited signing sessions, documents and/or envelopes. This approach/model enables you to adjust the number of users, and user assignments as your team grows or changes, allowing for better budgeting without worrying about restrictive pricing plans that impede your workflows.

eZsign follows the pay-per-user model with unlimited signing sessions and documents and has been reported by companies to reduce e-signature costs by 30% compared to other providers. 

Consider the following scenario: 

William is the owner of a rapidly expanding construction company. He frequently needs to send documents for contracts, while his colleague Eric requires e-signatures for order changes, and his admin Rebecca handles employee paperwork. Each of them requires an e-signature solution user license. For now, William is uncertain about the exact number of documents that will require e-signatures throughout the year.

Let’s assume William’s company sends out approximately 300 documents in a year. If they opt for a pay-per-use model, their expenses would amount to approximately $1700 for the year, and they would be limited to a maximum of 400 documents, as per their plan. However, by choosing eZsign’s Business Basic plan, they would have unlimited document signing capabilities for a cost of only $1320 per year. Talk about cost savings! Additionally, they would have the flexibility to add up to 7 extra users without incurring any additional charges. This would be great because as William’s construction business continues to grow, he recruits a significant number of new employees. Consequently, his document signing requirements increase, and he faces an unexpectedly high renewal fee that exceeds his initial expectations and his budget.

Choosing eZsign as an option would allow William to steer clear of unforeseen surprises. The pricing and plan structure of eZsign are transparent, guaranteeing no hidden costs or unexpected fees as his business grows. Additionally, this choice would help him save hundreds of dollars annually.

In the event that your business or organization handles a higher quantity of e-signatures compared to William’s, opting for a pay-per-user pricing plan could result in substantial annual savings amounting to thousands of dollars, regardless of the need to add more users.

Transparency and Detailed Pricing Review 

The Importance of Transparent E-signature Pricing 

Avoid unexpected fees and frustrations by thoroughly reviewing the pricing details and model provided by an e-signature provider before signing a contract. Some e-signature providers may offer add-ons for bulk sending, usually in tiers. Ensure this is clearly articulated in your contract. It’s important to have a good e-signature partner that has your back! eZsign is there for our customers every step of the way and ensures you are clear on your contract signed today and at renewal. Bottom-line don’t make assumptions, ask questions and don’t be caught off guard as your business evolves  or your use cases change . 

Future-proof your business with eZsign’s flexible pricing plans 

Choose eZsign for Long-Term Success

We understand that businesses need to be agile and adaptable, so our pricing is clear and upfront, ensuring that you know exactly what to expect. Whether you’re implementing e-signatures across multiple departments such as HR, Sales, Operations, or need collaboration features, we can work with you to determine how many users you may require, based on your departmental needs and team collaboration needs. This flexibility allows you to scale the usage of e-signatures across multiple departments and adapt to changing requirements as your business grows or scales back. Avoid hidden fees and unnecessary frustration with transparent pricing 

By choosing eZsign, you can build your business around a solution that is transparent, flexible, and won’t leave you feeling trapped or frustrated. With unlimited signing sessions, documents and a pay-per-user model, you can be confident that you’re getting the best value for your money. 

Where do you go from here? Check out our pricing page.