To access the API, you must have an enterprise account with a minimum monthly cost of $206.00 / month. This account automatically gives you 10 eZsign user accounts and 100 monthly files via the API. 

When you send more than 100 files per month, additional files will be billed according to the chart below.

Cost of excess documents for the month (depending on the number of users)

No. of files sent/month

No. of files included

Monthly Price

Price per additional file sent


350 sent files per month (regardless of the number of documents).

You start with an enterprise account which is $206.00 per month and includes 10 users and 100 files per month.
Since you have 100 files included, you need to pay for 250 files.
At 250 files you are in the 101-250 files sent per month group @ $180.00, includes another 100 files and the additional remaining files are billed at $1.72 per file.

Calculation of monthly fees

Enterprise account = $ 206.00 (includes 100 files)
Additional 250 files sent: $180.00 + 150 files (250-100) @ $ 1.72 each  = $438.00

TOTAL  MONTHLY = $644.00