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Business Pro

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  • Billed Monthly
  • No heavy IT infrastructure
  • Unlimited signers
  • Unlimited document storage
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited account administrators
  • Cloud-based solution
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Updates automatically
  • Platform independant
  • Send files to be signed electronically
  • Send signed documents by email to signers and/or third parties
  • Personalize messages sent to signers



  • Secure two-factor authentication of signers

  • SMS, phone, and secret question validation
  • Add/modify/save templates
  • Create personal templates
  • Create team templates
  • Configure reminders
  • Receive automatic summary email and signed documents
  • Add new documents to exsiting eZsign files (no need to create new files)

Manual files only

  • Complete electronic evidence
  • Temporary electronic evidence available during the signing process
  • Document analytics
  • Add multiple admin users
  • Customize user permissions
  • Access history of users’ sessions
  • Create/modify eZsign users
  • Create/modify Administrator users
  • Block or unblock users
  • Reinitilize user passwords
  • Add/modify a group of users
  • Create different types of personal files
  • Add/modify eZsign use clause
  • Manage who receives reminders and signed documents
  • Manage team document security
  • Create unlimited team workgroups
  • Create unlimited number of user groups
  • Manage access to shared files
  • Manage signers in your eZsign files
  • Export eZsign signers list
  • Extensive signer search in your eZsign app
  • Mobile signing
  • Multi-party signing
  • In-person signing
  • Allow user to sign directly within the eZsign platform
  • Add/modify/delete signature fields
  • Many different type of signature fields
    • Signature
    • City
    • Initials
    • Acknowledgment of receipt
    • Amount
    • Text box
    • Cross out box
    • Attachments
    • Stamps
  • PDF upload
  • Digitally certified PDFs
  • Basic workflows
  • Set signing order
  • Set expiration date
  • Cancel invites
  • Pending signatures notification on home page
  • Easily follow all signing stages
  • Sign again
  • Multiple languages
  • Allow premature completion of documents and/or files
  • Activate trusted time stamping authority

Add-on available for API files. 0.50$ per file for API and bulk send file

  • Unlimited technical support by phone and email ticketing system
  • Live chat
  • Online documentation
  • E-learning videos
  • Dedicated success manager
  • Create forms to be filled by signatories before signing
  • Add your logo and personalize email design according to your graphic standards
  • Access to API
  • Access to bulk send
  • Collect payments through your Moneris account

$1.50 per file for payment

  • Send documents at a later date and/or time

Available on new interface for Corporate clients only

*Pricing is based on a minimum of 10 users. See detailed pricing page for more information.

eZsign is a reputable and fast growing e-signature app in Canada.