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Champion digital innovation thanks to e-signatures from eZsign

The cities of tomorrow will work smarter, not harder, by leveraging technology to boost efficiency, save money, and improve the quality of life of employees and residents.

How can municipalities improve their processes and decrease their paperwork but still get important documents such as routine reports, property tax assessments and budget reports signed and sent on time?

The solution: electronic signatures.  

Areas of city government where reducing paper will have a big impact



Archives and Records

City Council Work

Sign documents wherever you are and reduce your costs

Most documents, such as inter-municipal agreements, require the signature of several signatories who sometimes live in different geographical areas. This process can take up to a few days and, with more signatories, can slow down urgent requests. Avoid mail and printing costs and delays with eZsign.

Organize the way you get the signatures

When you need to issue work authorization certificates, several people are involved in the process: the applicant, the owner, the case manager, all of whom must sign the documents at different times. With eZsign’s workflow management, you can set the order in which all parties must sign and eZsign takes care of the rest of the process.

Help several departments manage their paperwork

Simplify the paperwork handled by the environment department, town planning and home inspectors by allowing them to simply click and sign notices and paperwork.

Sign with confidence

eZsign makes your work a snap. Easily obtain signatures from colleagues and residents—no matter where they are—without ever leaving your office. Work knowing your documents and data are secure.

Curious how e-signatures will benefit your city? Download The Paperless City guide.

In what contexts could you use electronic signatures?

How do eZsign e-signatures work?

One of the highlighting features of eZsign is its Acknowledgement of Receipt.
This feature allows you to obtain an acknowledgment of receipt certifying without any doubt that the document has been received by the signatory.

Hear from municipalities:

What is the legal value of an electronic signature?

eZsign’s e-signatures are secure, legal signatures that will stand up in court and are backed by internationally recognized electronic signature regulations and standards.

Are you signing documents in the most modern way possible?

Our flexible solution doesn’t just meet your needs, it exceeds them!

Where is data stored?

With eZsign, your data is safe in Canada.

We use Amazon Web Services (AWS), the gold standard for secure, extensive, and reliable cloud infrastructure. With AWS as our cloud computing platform, you have access to your documents, even if there’s a regional business disruption or data centre failure.

“We handle a lot of legal paperwork, so security and simplicity were key factors in our decision to get eZsign.”

– CLD Beauharnois-Salaberry

Security and compliance

When it comes to e-signatures, security is paramount. Signers must be confident that their signatures are legitimate, trustworthy, and tamper-proof. eZsign has built-in security features that prevent fraud and ensure signatures are legally binding. You don’t just get a picture of a signer’s name—you get a true signature. Our solution has the most detailed paper trail in the industry. 

Timestamping authority (TSA)

Whenever a file is uploaded, viewed, modified, or signed, a trusted third party provides a timestamp, ensuring that no party can falsify or forge the date or time. The timestamping authority acts as an impartial witness who proves exactly when documents are edited or signed.

Long-term validation (LTV)

Every eZsign signature uses long-term validation, meaning they are protected and can be legally proven. LTV acts like a notary journal for your signatures, providing unparalleled peace of mind.

eZsign is proudly a Canadian company with staff to help you from coast to coast.

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Best Electronic Signature for HR in Canada
Best Electronic Signature for HR in Canada