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IMPORTANT! Are you a real estate eZsign user such as an agent, admin or broker/owner? If yes, please visit our real estate FAQ.

All other users, please see below.

eZsign free trials automatically cancel after 30 days. It will not renew.

Using the old application? Click on Finance >> Subscription Status >> Annual Subscription and follow the information on the screen.

Using the new application? Login to your eZsign account and click on settings. Enter your payment information.

If your eZsign account is associated to a business or a corporate account, please contact your administrator and they can provide you your client code.

If you subscribed through our website before June 1, 2024, use the client code “ez20”. If you subscribed after June 1, 2024, use the client code “ez24”.

When this happens, it’s usually because the user has not entered a signature field on a document. If you have uploaded multiple documents to your folder, all documents must contain a signature field.

Yes. Start your signing session by creating a folder and adding signatories, which will then allow you to upload the document you need to get signed.

You can add as many documents as you need in your folder. Note: You must add a signature field to each document. eZsign will not let you send if each document does not have a signature field.

Using the new application? Start a signing session by creating a folder. Once the folder has been created, you will be prompted to add your signatories. On the next step, you will be able to drag and drop your documents in the Add Documents box or you can upload directly from your device from the From your file option. Using the old application? To add a document into a folder, go to the List of Documents section >> click on green & white + icon >> add file by following the screen information.

Using the new application? Go to the eZsign folder tab. Under the Step tab, filter by Expired. Click on the expired folder.

Once you are in the folder, click on the 3 dots and select Edit Document Information. You will then be able to change the document deadline.

Using the old application? Go to the list of eZsign folders and find the expired document you wish to resend. Click on the edit icon (pencil) >> change the date >> Submit >> Send Documents

Using the new application? When creating a signatory, select an authentication type that has Phone or SMS. Click on CA and you will see a drop down list with all countries and their respective country codes.

Using the old application? When creating the signatory, click on the flag icon and change it to a Globe icon. Enter the full international phone number. You do not need to add 011 for international phone numbers.

If a signatory claims that they did not receive the eZsign email you sent, it is likely because of one of these reasons:

  • A mistake was made when entering the email address.  In which case, simply correct and send the email again. 
  • If the email address is correct, resend the documents using the usual Send the Documents process.
  • The email went to the recipient’s spam or junk mailbox. Ask them to check their folders. 
  • A change was made in the file and the link is no longer valid.  When this happens, simply “Send Documents” again. 

Warning! The non-signatory will be able to see all the signed documents in the folder.

Using the new application? When adding a signatory, makes sense that the Always Send a Copy of Each Signed eZsign Document box is checked.

Using the old application? It’s just a matter of checking the small box next to the person’s name to be sure that the system will do the sending you want! Now, this person will automatically receive the signed documents as soon as they are completed.

When you add a document to your eZsign account that needs to be signed, the default validity of the document’s link is 5 days. 


There is also an option to modify the link’s validity from 1 to 60 days.

When you send a document, by default, the signatory will get daily reminders that there is a document that needs to be signed.

You can choose to change this frequency to: None, Daily or Once a Week.

Prepare templates for your documents!
Go to the eZsign templates tab on the left hand navigation column and click on New eZsign template to start your template.

Yes. Please contact our sales team at 1-844-EZSIGN2 (1-844-397-4462) to discuss integrations. 

Can’t find the answer to your question and need support?

The best and fastest way to get customer support is via your eZsign account. Click on the “?“ icon to open a ticket for your inquiry.