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eZsign prioritizes the utmost security for electronic signatures. With robust security features and multi-factor authentication, our platform ensures a safe e-signature process. The signing evidence generated provides a comprehensive record of every action, enhancing transparency and security in your digital signing flow.

Discover the best value among Canadian e-signature solutions with eZsign. Our competitive pricing offers cost-effective plans tailored to your needs, providing exceptional features and security without breaking the bank.

Our individual plans start at $160/year while our business plans start at $114/month with a minimum of 10 users.

Enjoy unlimited flexibility with eZsign! All our plans include unlimited documents and signing sessions. Choose eZsign for a truly unlimited and cost-effective e-signature experience.

eZsign ensures a simple, easy, and user-friendly e-signing process. Connect to the eZsign e-signature platform, add your documents, specify signers and fields, and send documents via email. Authenticate signers, sign with just one click, and effortlessly retrieve your signed documents.

No document preparation is required with eZsign! Simply connect to the eZsign e-signature platform, add your documents, and send them away for signing. eZsign eliminates unnecessary steps, providing a quick and efficient e-signing process.

eZsign’s e-signature application is the preferred choice for government use. Our platform’s security, ease of use, and regulatory compliance make it the top e-signature solution for government entities, ensuring a secure and streamlined digital signing process.

Choose eZsign for human resources – our e-signature application is the leading choice for HR workflows. Tailored features streamline document signing processes, ensuring efficiency and compliance in HR documentation.

Try eZsign for free with our 10-day trial. Explore the features, security, and ease of use that set eZsign apart as the premier e-signature solution in Canada.

It may sound surprising, but e-signatures are nothing new. They’ve been covered by Canadian laws for more than 20 years and are recognized around the world as a secure, reliable, and legal form of signature. Every single eZsign customer has said they have no plans to go back, meaning this technology is here to stay.

No, ChatGPT does not provide a secure and legally recognized method for signing documents. Rely on eZsign for a robust e-signature solution that meets all legal requirements, ensuring the security and integrity of your electronic signatures.

Explore the capabilities of eZsign with our free 10-day trial. Discover the ease and security of our e-signature solution at no cost, making eZsign the ideal choice for an e-signature provider in Canada.

eZsign, both the company and our leading electronic signature solution, comply with all Quebec law requirements. Our e-signatures are secure, legally binding, and recognized across Canada. Trust eZsign for electronic signatures backed by international regulations and standards, ensuring legal validity in all provinces, including Quebec.

Electronic signatures are legally binding and will hold up in court, provided they meet the right requirements. These requirements, that eZsign meet, include a digital audit trail that captures the right data to serve as irrefutable, concrete proof that the signature is authentic and meets the burden of proof in a court of law. Canadian laws have recognized electronic signatures for over 20 years, establishing them as a secure, reliable, and legally sound form of signature for businesses across the country.

eZsign stands out as the premier e-signature platform for its user-friendly interface and robust security features. Our platform ensures a hassle-free signing experience while prioritizing the utmost security for your sensitive documents.

As a trusted software solutions provider since 2005, we recognize the challenges businesses face in maintaining data security. At eZsign, security is part of our core values, reflected in our robust security policy. When you choose eZsign, you’re choosing a partner committed to following industry best practices for cybersecurity and compliance, comparable to global corporations and trusted financial institutions. Trust us with your data and experience the peace of mind that comes from working with a secure e-signature solution.

To learn more, visit our Trust Center.

eZsign’s e-signature solution has integrations and a connector that works with most CRM’s.

Yes! eZsign caters to businesses of all sizes, from startups to enterprise-level organizations. Our scalable platform adapts to your specific needs, offering flexible plans and features that grow with your business. Whether you require a simple e-signature solution or advanced features, eZsign provides a customizable and scalable solution that aligns with your business requirements, making it the ideal choice for organizations of any size.