eZsign: Canada’s BEST alternative to Adobe, DocuSign, and more

If you’re in Canada and looking for an e-signature solution, eZsign stands out as the best alternative to competitors like Adobe Acrobat Sign, SignNow, DocuSign, HelloSign, Ricoh, OneSpan, and more. Why?

Electronic signatures are the future, allowing you to do business faster and easier—from anywhere. There are many benefits to electronic signatures, and sometimes it feels like there are dozens of alternatives you can use to electronically sign documents. Read on to learn about these benefits, and if you’re Canadian, why eZsign is the obvious best choice for you.

Advantages of e-signatures


Canadian businesses are realizing just hnow convenient it can be to be able to sign documents anywhere, on any device. Smart automations remind parties to sign automatically, and simple dashboards help users track signatures. Processes that used to take days or even weeks can be completed in just hours. Learn how Canadian business are working smarter thanks to e-signatures.


When you add everything up, handwritten signatures are expensive! There are the hard costs of paper, printers, filing cabinets, and postage, plus the soft costs of inefficiency, lost time, poor customer experience, and more. An affordable web-based e-signature application eliminates these costs.

Legally binding

The Government of Canada has recognized e-signatures as a legally binding form of signature for decades. You can sign important documents like contracts with confidence knowing that you have the legal equivalent of a handwritten signature. Learn more about e-signatures for contracts.

Advantages of eZsign

If you’re looking for alternatives to Acrobat Sign and the other major players on the market, look no further than eZsign! 

Simple and easy to use

eZsign is the better way to sign your documents electronically because it is so simple and easy to use. The UI is clean and intuitive, it’s easy to sign in to eZsign’s cloud-based application, and enterprise users can even use customized APIs to integrate eZsign with the apps they already use.

Affordable e-signature solution

eZsign offers incredible convenience and security at a cost that won’t give you sticker shock. Free trial accounts give you unlimited use for 30 days, and we offer flexible user-based pricing after that.

Top-tier service and training

Can you get top-rated training and customer service with a human touch in both English and French from Adobe Acrobat Sign? eZsign customers love our personal touch, and 96% of our customers give us 5 out of 5 stars for outstanding service. New eZsign users are fully trained in hours, not days, thanks to impeccable bilingual training and resources.

Based in Canada

Most of eZsign’s competitors, including PandaDoc, SignNow, HelloSign, OneSpan, DocuSign, and more, are all based in the United States. eZsign is Canada’s premier homegrown e-signature app, and all your electronic signature data is safely stored on Canadian soil. Learn more in our Trust Centre.

eZsign is free to try!

We’re so sure you’ll love eZsign that we offer new users a free trial for 10 days. No catch, no obligation, and no contract! Just fill out the form to create your free account and start signing for free.

Have e-signature questions? We’ve got answers!

If you have any questions about how eZsign stacks up against our competitors, we’d be happy to answer them for you. Contact us by phone or message today.

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