Streamline Permit Processes with eZsign + PG Solutions: The Choice of Quebec Municipalities 

Municipalities in Quebec are turning to eZsign for streamlined and secure e-signature solutions for permit processes. Since eZsign has become part of the electronic signature solutions integrated into the PG Solutions Territoire software, the process has become even more convenient and secure.. Let’s delve into how eZsign simplifies permit signing and ensures compliance with Quebec Law 25, providing peace of mind and efficiency for municipal departments.

Simplifying Permit Signing 

So, how does it work? 

It’s simple and fast. Get signatures 10x faster when you use eZsign e-signatures:

  1. Directly in your PG Solutions system, you can send e-signature requests for permits through eZsign* (you can also go directly to the eZsign app).
  2. When a permit applicant needs to sign a document, they receive a secure link via email.
  3. Permit applicant receives the link by email, verifies the content and applies its electronic signature.
  4. The system authenticates the signer’s identity, records the signature and generates a legally binding signed document, ensuring the process is both official and legal.


*An Enterprise account with eZsign is required.

Aside from Permits via PG solutions, several other types of paperwork at municipalities can be handled effectively in the eZsign signature app: documents related to procurements, HR, City Council minutes, and more.  Say goodbye to paperwork and chasing people for signatures.  

Advanced Security Measures 

Security and privacy are top priorities for eZsign. The platform employs advanced security protocols and encryption methods to safeguard electronic signatures and documents. Moreover, eZsign ensures compliance with Quebec Law 25 and offers compatibility with identity verification subscriptions, providing an added layer of security. 

“With eZsign, we have a log that shows who viewed what and when they viewed it, which allows us to prove that an applicant saw and acknowledged the permit requirements and, if those requirements aren’t met, impose the appropriate penalties. This has been a major process improvement.” 

– City official and eZsign user 

Peace of Mind with eZsign 

Choosing eZsign means choosing peace of mind. As a Quebec-based company, eZsign understands the unique needs of its clientele. With data stored on AWS servers in Quebec and SOC2 Type II certification, and being a Level 4 Assurance e-signature solution, municipalities can trust that their documents and data are secure, legally binding and compliant. 

Time-Saving and Error Reduction 

“Being able to get a permit online makes a big difference in our residents’ lives. As a branch of a city government, that’s important to us.” 

– Head of permitting in Greater Montreal city 

By streamlining the permit process with eZsign, municipalities save valuable time and reduce the risk of errors. Gone are the days of chasing down physical signatures or dealing with paperwork delays. With eZsign, obtaining signatures from colleagues and residents is a breeze, whether they’re in the office or working remotely. 

“Before eZsign, we needed two to three weeks to collect the signatures needed to award a city contract. Now, we get them overnight or even faster!”

– City official on Montreal’s North Shore

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