Top Five eZsign user FAQs

Here are a few frequently asked questions from eZsign e-signature users. Check them out below and don’t forget to view video tutorials too.


1. My client tells me that he did not receive the email.

First, your client needs to make sure the email is not in their spam or junk mail folder.

If that is not the issue, check your eZsign folder to verify that the email address you entered for this contact is correct. Confirm this email address with your client.

If you need to change the email address:  click on the “edit contact” icon, update the customer details, and submit. It is very important to send the documents again so click on the “send documents” button.

2. Why can’t I see the button to send documents?

If you do not see the button to send the documents: check the list of your documents in this same folder. There will be one or more documents to which you have not added signature blocks. You just need to make sure that each document has signature blocks in order to send them.

3. How do I change a signatory’s email address or phone number?

If you need to change the email address or phone number of a signatory, click the “edit contact” icon, update the contact details and submit. If you have changed the email, it is very important to resend the documents so click on the “send documents” button.

If the signatory is connected to the signing session already, you cannot modify their contact information. The signatory can disconnect using the link provided in the session. Sessions have a maximum duration of 30 minutes, so you can also just wait for it to expire.

If you have not selected “email only” authentication for this contact, you have the option of disconnecting the signer if you wish. Click on the “person” icon and in the right corner of the web page that opens, click on “logout”.

You can then continue with the modification of the contact.

4. How to cancel or modify a document already sent, but not completed?

You must return to your eZsign file. Go to the “signature status” section. Next to the document you want to cancel or modify, select the action (from the drop-down menu) “edit signature”.

The system will then display a message warning you that all signatures received on this document will be lost if you continue. You must confirm that you wish to continue.

The icons allowing you to modify the signature blocks or to delete the document will then become accessible again.

5. How do I send a document to a French-speaking client?

When adding the signatory, make sure you select French as the language. All instructions will then be sent in French to this signatory.

Looking for more tips? Read our eZsign e-signature tips article.

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