The truth about the 3 biggest e-signature myths

Electronic signatures are a tried-and-true technology that can save businesses a lot of time and money. So why do so many decision makers still believe these three e-signature myths? 

In this short, 2-minute video, eZsign’s Executive Vice-President of Business Development, Caroline Charbonneau, dispels the three biggest myths about e-signatures and shares how switching could be the best decision you make this year. You can check out her video below.

Myth 1: My business doesn’t need electronic signatures

One of the things we hear most often from business owners is that e-signatures don’t have anything to do with their business. That’s usually because they haven’t thought about all the benefits or different ways they can use them. E-signatures boost efficiency, lower costs, improve employee and customer satisfaction, and increase productivity. In fact, most employees and managers are surprised to find out all the places where they can use them. For example:

  • Change requests
  • Service agreements
  • NDAs
  • HR documents
  • And more…

We’ve also found that once one department starts using e-signatures, the rest quickly follow.
We’ve published several industry-specific guides and blog posts to illustrate the ways businesses can use e-signatures. Learn more about e-signatures for human resources at the link below and read about e-signatures for sales professionals here.

Myth 2: E-signatures are expensive

Many business owners assume individual or corporate e-signature solutions will be really expensive. They are always pleasantly surprised by just how affordable eZsign is. 

When decision makers actually look at all the hard and soft costs associated with traditional paper signatures, including paper, printers, toner, and storage, plus the cost of wasted time, lost productivity, and poor customer service, e-signatures always come out as the less expensive option. eZsign is by far the best value among Canadian e-signature solutions, too. Curious about how much you can save by switching? Click below to calculate your estimated return from going electronic and check out our pricing page to learn more about what we charge.

Myth 3: E-signatures are just a fad

It seems like a lot of businesses are trying out new technologies these days, and many managers don’t want to be early adopters. It may sound surprising, but e-signatures are nothing new. They’ve been covered by Canadian laws for more than 20 years and are recognized around the world as a secure, reliable, and legal form of signature. Every single eZsign customer has said they have no plans to go back, meaning this technology is here to stay. Read more customer testimonials.

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Read more about e-signature myths here.

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