Reduce sales friction with e-signatures

Sales is a delicate dance during which salespeople demonstrate how their company’s value proposition can help their customers. The key to successful sales has always been smoothing or removing friction in the buyer journey, in other words, making it easy for prospects to see the benefits of a good or service, convert into customers, and part with their hard-earned money. An easy way to impress your prospects, get the “yes,” and speed up order fulfillment is to add e-signatures to your sales process.

In today’s business climate, salespeople are increasingly flexible and mobile, working from wherever is best suited to making connections with their customers, be it from their office, a trade show, an on-the-go Zoom call, or a factory floor.

As sales evolves to become increasingly online and mobile the resulting changes are giving salespeople unparalleled flexibility to do their jobs, while also giving rise to new challenges. Learn how adding an all-in-one e-signature and secure payment solution can empower your sales team to close deals faster and in fewer steps.

Sales enablement is a growing challenge

Few goods and services are so good that they sell themselves. Businesses exist to sell, with salespeople at the core. Without sales, you have no cashflow, no customers, and in the end, no company.

As reported in Forbes, the average salesperson only spends 35% of their time actually selling. The rest of their time is spent on non-revenue-generating tasks like admin, reporting, internal meetings, etc. Imagine how many more deals the average team could close if they were selling 50%, 75%, or even 80% of the time?

This is where the right sales enablement tools come in

Sales enablement is the process of giving salespeople what they need to make more sales. Your CRM application, marketing materials, company blog, reporting software, and more are all examples of sales enablement tools. With the right combination of tools, sales teams can effectively automate less-productive tasks and spend more time nurturing prospects and helping them along the buyer journey.

E-signatures are the most powerful tool you might be overlooking that is gaining traction for sales teams across Canada—and across the globe.

Being ready at the decision stage

Depending on your industry, your sales cycle can take days or even months. But when your prospects are ready to become your customers—the moment of purchase—the last thing you want is friction, doubt, or stress. The process should be easy, simple, and painless, while also instilling buyer confidence. Electronic signatures help you make that happen. Let’s show you how this technology revolutionizes the decision stage of your customers’ buyer journey and help your sales team boost company revenue.

Streamline sales with e-signatures

The sales process is supported by a variety of important documents. They help educate your customers about what you’re selling while solidifying the details of your partnership. This is especially true at the decision stage, where the finer points of your relationship are set in stone. Confidentiality agreements, NDAs, terms and conditions, and the all-important purchase order are just a few of the key documents that need to be signed before you can accept funds in exchange for your goods and services.

Imagine you could send all these documents to your customers with a single click. Your customers receive a branded email with a link to an ultra-secure signing session in either English or French and simply follow the steps to return legally signed documents to you and retain copies for themselves. A process that might have taken days in the past can now be completed in just a few minutes. According to eZsign user data, 82% of all documents are signed within 24 hours, allowing your team to spend less time waiting and more time generating sales.

With e-signatures, your customers will be even happier they chose to buy from you:

  • Create reusable sales packets with T&Cs, NDAs, and the other important agreements your customers can sign in just a few clicks—no need to print, mail, wait, or file anything;
  • Receive daily digests listing all pending signatures for all customers;
  • Make it easy to re-sign amended agreements, additional purchase orders, or modified; terms for extra protection in the event of the unexpected;
  • Download all signed documents to a customer folder on your network and enjoy the peace of mind knowing a secure backup is being stored according to the highest security standards;
  • Make your customers’ and salespeople’s lives easier by giving them the flexibility to do business from wherever they are, be it their car, their hotel, their home office, a warehouse floor, or their actual office.
eZsign e-signatures: reliable protection for peace of mind

With eZsign, you’re not just prepared, you’re protected in the event of a dispute that could cost your company thousands. eZsign signatures are more than just picture of signatures pasted on documents. They are secure, legally binding signatures that are equivalent to handwritten signatures in the eyes of the law. If a customer ever disputes an eZsign signature, it will stand up in court.

Our technology is backed by internationally recognized electronic signature regulations and standards.

You can’t put a price on this kind of peace of mind. Is your customer refusing to pay? Is your customer claiming they didn’t read or agree to your terms and conditions? Is your customer demanding delivery early than previously agreed? With documents signed electronically with eZsign’s surprisingly affordable solution, you have the ammunition you need to win in court or arbitration and protect your company’s interests.

Even better, eZsign is Canada’s very own electronic signature solution and is a completely bilingual application. No matter if your customers or salespeople prefer English or French, you get a seamless interface and the linguistic support you need to do business in both of Canada’s official languages.

Even more ways to use e-signatures for sales

The possibilities for e-signatures to simplify sales professionals’ lives are endless. If you’re still using traditional handwritten signatures for any of the following, think of how much easier it would be to use electronic signatures instead:

Electronic signatures make these important tasks a breeze, freeing up time for your sales team to do what it’s really good at: selling.

Ready to improve your sales workflows?

Imagine signing everything with just a few clicks of your mouse and never having to print and a single document ever again. It’s possible, and we’d like to show you how.

As our workplaces become more mobile, so too will the entire sales process. Businesses across the country are harnessing the benefits of electronic signatures. Make sure yours is, too.

If you’re ready to see how eZsign will drastically reduce sales friction at your company, sign up for our free 30-day Individual trial or contact us to discuss Enterprise account options for your whole team.

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