Fact or fiction? 5 e-signature myths debunked

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People have been signing their names on paper for over a thousand years. They’ve also been using computers to sign documents for more than two decades. So why are there still so many myths and misunderstandings about e-signatures?

To help business owners make the right decisions about the best way to sign documents, request approvals, and more, Caroline Charbonneau, eZsign’s Executive Vice-President of Business Development, recently created a series of 30-second clips debunking the five biggest myths about electronic signatures. Read on to learn more about these myths—and why they’re wrong—and watch our playlist below.

Myth 1: My business doesn’t need e-signatures

We hear a lot of business owners say, “I don’t need e-signatures. They don’t have anything to do with my business.” This assumption usually comes from misconceptions about what e-signatures can be used for. Most business owners are surprised to hear they can use e-signatures in ways they never thought about to streamline their workflows, boost productivity, lower costs, and improve both employee and customer satisfaction. For example:

  • Confirmation receipts
  • Pricing agreements
  • Change requests
  • All HR forms
  • Permit applications
  • And more…

Electronic signatures are no longer optional—they’re essential for doing business today. We love helping customers figure out how they can use e-signatures. We’ve created a number of industry-specific guides and blog posts that show businesses how they can start them right now. Learn more about e-signatures for human resources by clicking below and more about e-signatures for sales professionals here.

Myth 2: E-signatures are too expensive

Business owners are always watching their bottom line. It’s natural that they might hesitate to buy something new. But most business owners assume e-signature solutions for their business will be too expensive. That couldn’t be further from the truth! 

Electronic signatures are actually surprisingly cheap, and when compared to the hard and soft costs of paper, ink, postage, document storage, and lost productivity, e-signatures can actually save you money. eZsign is the most competitively priced e-signature solution in Canada and provides all the advanced features you need at a very affordable price. Check out our pricing page or click below to calculate your estimated return on investment and see just how much switching could save.

Myth 3: E-signatures are just a fad

Many businesses think electronic signatures are a fad that will just disappear. It may sound surprising, but e-signatures are nothing new—and they aren’t going anywhere. They’ve been covered by Canadian law for more than 20 years, and every customer we’ve talked to who has started using them has said they will never go back to pen and paper.  

E-signatures are not a new unproven technology, and our solution makes it easier than ever to adopt them at your business. As our workplaces become increasingly advanced and mobile, you don’t want to be left behind.

Learn how e-signatures have saved one business thousands of dollars a year. Our technology is backed by internationally recognized electronic signature. Read more

Myth 4: E-signatures are hard to adopt

Despite what you might think, you don’t need to be a tech genius to use electronic signatures. If you can log into your email, you have enough computer knowledge to seamlessly add e-signatures to your workflow. 

In fact, most admins and superusers need less than an hour of training to learn how to use eZsign in their day-to-day business. The intuitive user interface allows signers to sign documents in just a few clicks with zero prior experience. In the unlikely event you have an issue, our customer support team is there to help. We consistently receive high marks for our customer service!

Myth 5: E-signatures aren’t legal or secure

The biggest myth about electronic signatures is that they aren’t legal or secure. E-signatures are recognized around the world as a legally valid form of signature, and the Government of Canada has had e-signature laws in place since the 90s. Users can rest easy knowing e-signatures really are a legally binding way to sign their documents. For specific information about e-signatures and contracts, you can read our helpful blog post on the topic here.

eZsign also prioritizes security and goes to extraordinary lengths to keep data secure. You can read about our security, compliance, privacy, and incident response policies in our Trust Centre here. You can also download our comprehensive security guide to learn more about the steps we take to ensure eZsign is secure.

Still not convinced? Get in touch!

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