7 Benefits of e-signatures for a more efficient business

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In 2020, the day-to-day of thousands of businesses was turned upside-down seemingly overnight. A new reality forced many to find new tools to stay open, protect their employees, and serve their customers—all without physical contact.

2021 will be a year of recovery. The small businesses that modernize their workplaces and processes the fastest will be the ones that stand out in the most.

Our new reality: remote work

Remote offices are now the new normal, which means a lot of big changes. How do businesses keep operating smoothly now that brick-and-mortar offices as we knew them are a thing of the past? The solution: electronic signatures.

E-signatures are an effective way to streamline antiquated work processes and help your business grow. The benefits are numerous for both your employees and customers. Read on to learn about seven of these benefits.

The benefits of electronic signatures :

1. Cut down on paperwork

According to a 2016 study by Kronos, Canadian companies waste $88 billion annually on unnecessary admin related to paperwork. That’s $4,934 per employee, per year. By getting rid of unnecessary paperwork, you save time and make your team’s job easier.

2. Save money

The cost of traditional paper mailings has long been considered a cost of doing business, but that cost can add up. There are the direct costs associated with paper, printing, and mailing, and the indirect costs related to handling files and time lost while waiting for documents to be finalized. Switching to e-signatures cuts down or wipes out these costs.

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3. Save time

Before e-signatures, it could take days—or even weeks—to get a handwritten signature. Now your team can get signatures in just a few minutes. According to our data, approximately 50% of documents that are sent for e-signature are signed within 15 minutes, and most (more than 80%) are signed in less than 24 hours. Imagine how many hours you could save in a year!

4. Increase security

Technological advances in recent years have made electronic signatures even more reliable and secure than handwritten ones. Numerous laws, standards, and regulations govern e-signature security to ensure that signers are who they say they are and that documents are properly stored. The result: legal signatures that stand up in court for complete peace of mind.

5. Focus on what really counts

With all the time and money you’ll save thanks to e-signatures, you’ll have more resources to concentrate on innovation and strategic tasks. What would you do with 10 more productive hours every month?

6. Improve customer satisfaction

These days, customers expect responsiveness. It’s not the early bird who gets the worm anymore: it’s the fastest. What better way to delight your customers than by sending them important documents to sign instantly, in just a few clicks, without having to come into the office? They can sign with complete confidence on their laptops or mobile devices no matter where they are.

7.Keep employees happy

The most successful companies are those that treat their employees like internal customers. Giving them the best tools is a foolproof way to boost employee satisfaction and getting rid of grunt work is key to making their lives easier and fostering personal investment in your company’s success.

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