eZsign Helps a Virtual Team Up Its Game

eZsign Helps a Virtual Team Up Its Game

Sometimes even tech-savvy teams can use an upgrade. Learn how adding eZsign e-signatures to a sales workflow helped a veteran mortgage broker and her team serve their customers better and make their lives a whole lot easier while dealing with a changing business environment.

A seasoned team

Lyne Sanfaçon has been a mortgage broker in the Montreal suburbs for 20 years. She is a member of Mortgage Architects, a Canadian network with 150 mortgage brokers in Quebec. She and her team of four brokers are no strangers to the virtual workplace. Since starting her business, she has served most of her customers remotely, relying on the internet and, more recently, smartphones. She even uses an app to better serve her customers. In other words, she has no trouble with tech.

Despite being comfortable with technology, before the pandemic, Lyne hadn’t considered an e-signature solution.

“Our customers who didn’t have a printer at home used to just go somewhere to print their documents, sign them, and either scan them or take a picture of them and send them back,” she said.

This took a lot of time, especially since the pictures weren’t always easy to read. “But they made do, and so did we,” she said. Then COVID hit, and the way they used to work no longer cut it.

A new tool for a new reality

Having been a mortgage broker for nearly 20 years, Lyne is no stranger to the real estate world. New business realities forced real estate to adapt, and one solution gaining traction was e-signatures. A Mortgage Architects colleague was already familiar with eZsign, knowing how well it worked in the real estate market, and recommended it, so Lyne signed up for a one-year subscription.

In addition to the recommendation, two factors helped Lyne make her decision. The first was that eZsign is accredited as an e-signature provider by the Organisme d’autoréglementation du courtage immobilier du Québec (OACIQ), Quebec’s real estate council, which means it complies with the OACIQ’s rigorous standards. The second was that eZsign features two-factor authentication for verifying signers’ identities. Since Lyne sends out important legal documents, knowing who is signing is incredibly important. With this feature, it’s even more secure than the previous print-and-scan method.

A solution for the long term

Now that e-signatures are a part of their process, things are much easier for Lyne’s team. Their customers can now sign their documents wherever they are, without having to print or scan anything. It’s faster, more convenient, and easier to manage.

Even once the pandemic is over, Lyne expects her team will continue using e-signatures and integrate them more into their process. It’s only been a few months, but the solution has already proven to be a valuable time-saver.

If you’re ready to add e-signatures to your business process, let us show you what eZsign can do. Sign up for the free 30-day trial of our individual account offer or contact our team to discuss how we can serve your corporate e-signature and payment capture needs.

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