Benefits of eZsign Electronic Signatures

“We’ve seen positive impacts in several areas thanks to eZsign. By making remote transactions easy and secure, we can provide better service to our customers and make our receptionists’ lives a whole lot easier. From an operational standpoint, eZsign lets us communicate more efficiently with our customers.”

– Benoît Alary, BSc, BAA, MBA – Director of Operations, Groupe Vétéri Médic Inc.

Enhanced security

We take every possible measure to protect our users, their customers, and their documents against fraud and other security threats. Our e-signature security protocols rival those in place at many Fortune 500 companies.

Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication provides an added layer of security to ensure only the intended signer can access a document. eZsign features flexible two-factor authentication options, including receiving a text message or email or answering a security question. With this feature, users can rest assured only authorized parties are able to view and sign their documents.


Your customers will be pleasantly surprised by how easy eZsign is to use. Our simple and intuitive interface requires virtually no training to get users up and running. eZsign can meet even the most demanding customer requirements while still delivering an experience so user-friendly, anyone can learn to use it.

Increased efficiency

eZsign e-signatures can help you eliminate repetitive and redundant manual tasks and follow-ups to make your customers’ and employees’ lives easier. eZsign fits seamlessly into your workday and helps you streamline your processes. Reduce your admin time by up to 93% and improve your productivity by up to 80% by getting any document signed in minutes.

Easy and improved signature tracking

Ensure your administrative tasks stay on track. With our audit trail, you always know where your important documents are in the signing process. Set automatic reminders and receive notifications every step of the way. Once the eZsign process is complete, every party automatically receives a copy of the signed documents.

Unparalleled bilingual experience

Canada is a bilingual country, and eZsign is a fully bilingual e-signature app. We provide user support in both English and French and our library of online documentation and tutorials is also available in both languages.

Significant time savings

Time is money. On average, it takes seven days to gather signatures on paper documents. With eZsign, 49% of documents are signed in 15 minutes or less and 82% are signed in less than 24 hours.

eZsign allows you to standardize your processes for frequently used forms and documents, like contracts and agreements. Build customized templates with custom fields, recipient routing, and other settings that you can save and reuse.

Need to collect thousands of signatures for a document? With just a few clicks, you can send your documents to hundreds, if not thousands, of signers with eZsign’s bulk and mass e-signature features.

eZsign also allows you to save and manage your contacts so you’re never scrambling to find the right name, email address, or phone number. Fill out and save contact profiles for frequent signers and add them to a signing session with just a few clicks. This is perfect for approvals or contracts that require regular renewals.

Major cost savings

eZsign saves you money by reducing your fixed costs and improving employee productivity. With eZsign, you can reduce your direct costs related to printing, mailing, and storing paper documentsless paper, expensive ink and toner cartridges, stamps, and filing cabinets! With your employees working more efficiently, they have time for more productive tasks.

Fast adoption


Our eZsign training program includes courses and online tutorials to help your team get onboard with eZsign fast. We provide your administrators and users with the training they need to become eZsign experts in no time. Click here to learn about our training resources.

Unbeatable customer service

Customer service and customer experience are top priorities at eZsign. We assign every customer a dedicated Customer Success Manager, so you are always in touch with the same person if you have questions or concerns.

Plus, our customers love us! 96% of customers give us five out of five stars for customer service. We are proud of the service we provide, and we guarantee your satisfaction.



Seamless integration

Thanks to eZsign’s simple e-signature API, you can easily integrate our solution into a variety of third-party applications you already use. For example, eZsign integrates with Moneris, Canada’s most popular payment processor.


Thanks to eZsign’s cloud-based platform, you can scale eZsign e-signatures across your organization quickly and affordably. Configure your solution for as many signers, documents, and integrations as you need, and easily add or reduce the number of users.

Transparent pricing

eZsign offers transparent, cost-effective pricing to provide an economical solution that stays the same no matter how many documents you sign. Just one user? Our individual plan is perfect for you. Need to scale to the size of your team? We offer flexible subscriptions based on the number of users. View our pricing here or request a quote if you anticipate needing more than five users.

Improved accuracy

With an efficient e-signature platform like eZsign, you can reduce input errors by up to 18%.

Painless deployment

eZsign is cloud-based, so you can install it easily without needing an internal IT team or having to modify your existing IT infrastructure. Plus, you never have to worry about running updates. We handle everything for you.

Mobile compatibility

Our unbeatable cloud-based platform lets you work on the go. You can send documents from any computer or mobile device and users can sign from any internet-enabled mobile device.


eZsign offers a variety of settings and signing options to give you the flexibility you need. You can upload and customize your forms and signature fields, send and recall signature requests, set and extend signature deadlines, and more. With eZsign, you can send and sign legal documents securely from virtually any device.

Better collaboration

eZsign helps your teams work better together. Work with individual folders or use eZsign to create teams with shared folders for more effective collaboration.

In-person signing

Are you with the parties that need to sign your document and you don’t want to wait to send them an email? No problem! The in-person signature feature lets you collect signatures right then and there on your own device.

Enhanced security and integrity 

Working with eZsign means knowing you have a data partner who takes security seriously. We follow industry best practices for security and compliance, rivalling those of the world’s largest companies and most trusted financial institutions. Our reputation—and our track record—speak for themselves. 

Click here to visit our Trust Centre

User authentication

eZsign allows you to use or integrate with single sign-on (SSO) authentication protocols, such as LDAP and OAUTH. We also offer customization to incorporate other protocols as needed.

Timestamping Authority (TSA)

All eZsign signatures are TSA enabled, which means a trusted third-party timestamping authority provides a timestamp that ensures no party can falsify or forge the signature date or time. The timestamping authority acts as an impartial witness and proves exactly when documents are printed and signed.

Long-Term Validation (LTV)

All eZsign signatures feature long-term validation. This means that all signatures are protected and can be certified as legally valid by a third party for up to 25 years or more. Long-term validation acts like a digital notary journal to prove the validity of the signatures. Thanks to LTV, original signatures retain their validity, even if the document is re-signed or modified, and all document changes are logged.

Compliance at eZsign

At eZsign, we don’t simply comply with industry standards and rules for e-signatures and cybersecurity, we go above and beyond to ensure the way we manage our network and keep data secure is always a step ahead. Learn how eZsign’s unique features ensure our signatures comply with standards all over the world. Click here to go to the Compliance section in the Trust Centre on our website.

eZsign Availability

eZsign is powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), the gold standard for secure, extensive, and reliable cloud infrastructure. With AWS as our cloud computing platform, you have access to your documents, even if there’s a regional business disruption or data center failure. Click here to go to the Security (Cloud infrastructure) section in the Trust Centre on our website.

Confidentiality at eZsign 

Privacy is paramount at eZsign, which is why keeping your data confidential is our top priority. We know that when our customers use eZsign, they are often communicating highly sensitive and confidential information, including personal information gathered and stored as part of their regular business operations. We recognize that it’s our job to make sure your private information stays private. Click here to go to the Privacy section in the Trust Centre on our website.

eZsign SLA 

With all the comprehensive measures we have put in place, our eZsign service-level agreement (SLA) promises 99.999999999% annual data durability and 99.99% application availability.

Legal and enforceable e-signatures

Our trusted combination of encryption, authentication, timestamping, and our industry-leading audit trail means that our e-signatures have the same legal validity as paper signatures, protecting your business in the event of a dispute. Click here to learn more.

Audit trails 

Strengthen your compliance and avoid legal disputes with the most comprehensive audit trails on the market. eZsign saves all your signed documents and automatically generates and stores a robust audit trail for every file. Click here to read our FAQs.

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