eZsign helps Cuisi-n-art bring kitchen dreams to life

eZsign helps Cuisi-n-art bring kitchen dreams to life

E-signatures help a custom kitchen design team improve their customer service and approve projects in a fraction of the time

Measure twice, cut once

Custom kitchen and bathroom design requires special expertise, attention to detail, and lots of important decisions: styles, materials, colours… you name it, the customer has to approve it. You can imagine how important it is for both customers and designers to have everything laid out in signed, legally binding documents, complete with the total project cost, to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Cuisi-n-art is a homegrown Quebec company based in Gatineau specializing in the design and fabrication of custom residential kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Their top-tier process showcases local talent and materials but delivers world-class quality and results.

Kim Sincennes is one of Cuisi-n-art’s dedicated kitchen designers. Before the pandemic, she would help customers combine cabinets and countertops into their dream kitchens at Cuisi-n-art’s showroom. Then a technician would take the measurements to finalize the project, ensuring that every inch of wood and granite was accounted for. The customer would then usually come back to the showroom to inspect the design and sign on the dotted line, giving the green light and allowing Cuisi-n-art to start fabrication. COVID-19 changed all that.

“With the pandemic, we had to find a new way to do things,” Kim said. Today, customer meetings are done virtually, and e-signatures have become an important tool for keeping the process moving. In fact, they’ve actually helped improve it. “eZsign has really made our lives easier,” Kim confirmed.

“On average, it used to take three to six days to finalize a design and send it to production. Now, projects are often approved in as little as ten minutes.”

Major time savings

Cuisi-n-art’s biggest operational improvement thanks to eZsign has been how much time they save. “E-signatures are so much faster,” said Kim. “Before, customers had to come back to the showroom to approve the design. On average, it’d take three to six days to finalize a design and send it to production. Now, projects are often approved in as little as ten minutes.” This has resulted in significant new efficiencies for Cuisi-n-art, better workflows, a quicker transition to manufacturing, and, most importantly, better customer service. “It’s a win–win, because customers don’t have to make a second trip to the showroom, I can finalize my design five minutes after I get their signatures back, and customers can get their cabinets that much faster, too,” she said.

More eZsign advantages

Lightning-fast approvals haven’t been the only benefit of switching to electronic signatures. Thanks to eZsign, Cusini-n-art has also made the following improvements:

  1. Reduced paperwork and office costs

The kitchen design process requires a surprising amount of paper. Designs and agreements had to be printed in duplicate or even triplicate before, but now, all the documents are digital—no printer or paper required. Cuisi-n-art saves on paper, toner, and time lost shuffling paperwork.

  1. Increased revenue

With better processes in place to serve customers remotely, Cuisi-n-art can work more easily with customers who aren’t local. Some have come from as far away as Toronto in search of high-end custom cabinets. Increased reach means more revenue opportunities.

  1. Increased peace of mind

eZsign’s industry leading security features, including two-factor authentication, mean that all eZsign signatures are legally binding and secure. As Kim explained, “Making sure our documents are legal is important because, for a large custom kitchen, we’re dealing with a lot of details and a lot of dollars. We need to feel confident that if there were a dispute, we’d be protected.” Two-factor authentication provides that assurance.

“The training was very easy, and the videos are super clear.”

Easy onboarding and adoption

Kim and her team found adopting the product to be very easy. She took eZsign’s dedicated training modules and watched the video tutorials, then taught her team how to use it. “The training was very easy, and the videos are super clear,” she confirmed. “After you’ve done it once, it’s easy to add customers and documents.” All eZsign training can be done remotely and includes one-on-one sessions with a live customer support expert plus 24/7 access to on-demand video tutorials.

An enduring change

We all hope COVID-19 and the resulting restrictions will soon be a distant memory, but even after things go back to normal, Cuisi-n-art plans on making eZsign a permanent part of their process. E-signatures have made things easier for both their customers and their designers, so they’re not going anywhere.

If you’re ready to add e-signatures to your business process, let us show you what eZsign can do. Sign up for the free 10-day trial of our individual account offer or contact our team to discuss how we can serve your corporate e-signature and payment capture needs.

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